API integration / Woocommerce Plug-in for your

E-commerce Website

Keep up with the worldwide process of globalisation with your e-commerce website and break the boundaries of the local market you provide your products. Or if you have already started selling your products internationally - take advantage of reducing online payment acceptance costs an average of 5 times than you have to face now. Besides, you will never be bothered by chargebacks and set up bureaucracy any more!

Your customers will be able to transfer money by scanning QR code generated by CityPay.io with any crypto-wallet they own and it only takes several seconds. You will be able to withdraw the exact amount of your product price in USD, EUR or GEL right after payment confirmation.

We provide API integration with our support or a simpler way with Woocommerce ready plugin that takes several minutes to integrate on your wordpress website.

E-mail Order for service or

One-time Payments

If you provide service internationally you may have already experienced high transaction fees and transaction delays but we have already changed it! CityPay.io is created for your business to receive payments easier, faster and more secure than ever. For receiving your service fee or one-time payment from a customer we have created E-mail service order.

From your CityPay.io cabinet you can easily create payment order entering e-mail address of your client. After receiving your billing order, the client will be able to pay in seconds by scanning QR code with any crypto-wallet they own

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One time Payments
Initial Deposit

Balance Top-up for

Initial Deposit

For frequent payments from your customers we have created a solution to simplify their experience on your website. With a top-up function your customer is able to deposit initially any amount for future consumption. You can easily monitor their balance and provide special offers suited to their budget.

Process for the customer is as easy as scanning QR code from any of their crypto-wallets, getting you and your customer notified with the spent amount and unused balance.

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POS Application for

Payments On the Spot

Your business offers physical locations such as shop, restaurant, gym or other place where you receive payments on the spot? You now have an opportunity to reduce payment receiving costs by an average 5 times!

How is it possible? You have just to register and create CityPay.io customer cabinet and download CityPay.io POS application on your android or iOS device. You will be able to generate one time QR payment code to be scanned by your customer with any of the crypto-wallets. It will take only a few seconds and after confirmation of the payment you will be able to withdraw the exact amount in USD, EUR or GEL on any bank account.

Payments on the Spot

It’s very easy to register on CityPay.io and

Receive Your First Crypto Payment

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Crypto Account
Create Account

Create your business account (cabinet) on CityPay.io

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Crypto Wallet
Create Your Wallet

Create & indicate what crypto & Fiat you want to receive

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Generate & Receive Crypto
Generate & Receive

Generate order & Receive payment on your balance or withdraw it