3 ways how CityPay supports your business

3 ways how CityPay supports your business

If you are a business owner, you may have already heard about CityPay – a new digital currency payment solution that gives you a chance to accept payments in crypto and receive them in preferred fiat. The reason why we support crypto and encourage others as well to do so is that an international experience made us believe in the bright future of digital currencies. Among other advantages over traditional bank transfers, the most important ones of crypto payments are safety, privacy, high speed, and low transaction fees. Businesses using crypto payments have already gained some knowledge and information about the issue, so did the crypto owners; that’s the reason for the tendency of increasing digital payments. 

CityPay, as an innovative startup, aims to make your business stand out, to help you reach international audiences, and make your product/service more accessible for anyone throughout the world. Want to know how? Here are the answers:


CityPay helps you to reach new customers.

No matter what you sell, whether it’s a product or service, anyway, you need to find your audience and try to broaden it regularly. It is true that traditional payment systems dominate the industry. Alternatively, more and more businesses are interested in offering their customers the possibility of crypto payments as well. Offering this solution makes your business more flexible and accessible, and, what is more important, it opens up a new window for your company to add some new customers willing to pay with digital currencies. Take note! The number of crypto owners increases every day, and CityPay is ready to help you convert them into your potential buyers.


CityPay reduces the price of your payments.

Local and international payments cost money, and, of course, you knew it, but what you might not know is that CityPay gives you a chance to receive local and international payments with only up to 1% commission fee, while traditional payment systems suppliers (like banks or other electronic payment providers) request 2 to 4 % commission for local and 5 to 7% commission for global transactions. Offering an unparalleled price is a crucial superiority of CityPay and another reason to distinguish us from any others. Let’s say, you are an owner of a winery selling your product in Europe, instead of paying $7 commission  on every $100, you would only pay several cents, which, in the end, makes a big difference. 


CityPay helps you to make your customers find safety and flexibility

As mentioned above, the increasing number of crypto owners is a reality having its reasons and purposes. One of the most significant advantages of crypto payments is the fact that, unlike the process of traditional electronic payments, here customers are not requested to share their financial and other private information with a third party. As for the flexibility, the first thing digital currency owners and supporters point to is the speed of the transaction. While traditional payments take days, crypto transactions happen instantly, or, in the worst case, it may take some minutes.

Imagine, how would it affect your business if you could make the transaction process safer and more convenient for your customers? Would it make a difference? Definitely, yes! Thus, CityPay is here to help you create more possibilities to make your product/service accessible for anyone from anywhere on earth.