Receive cryptocurrency payments with a POS terminal

Receive cryptocurrency payments with a POS terminal

receive cryptocurrency payments with a POS terminal, what are the advantages of a POS terminal:


Crypto payment support: terminals are specially designed for secure and efficient processing of cryptocurrency transactions. The payment system gathers the most sought-after cryptocurrencies, including a stablecoin, USDT, whose value is permanently equal to $1.


How to get POS terminals


Getting POS for businesses is the easiest process.


Register your business at Go through the AML procedure, and after completion, you will be provided with temporary POS terminals. enables businesses to get terminals for free. All of this makes  you to implement crypto payments at no extra cost.


When you already join our partner companies lis, our representatives will provide you with POS terminals on site and train the staff.


Advantages of POS terminal:


By implementing POS terminals, businesses can enjoy several advantages:


A new opportunity to accept payments - POS terminals allow businesses to accept crypto payments at a physical location, opening the door to a new segment of customers and meeting the growing demand for alternative payment methods.


Low transaction fees: only charges a nominal 1% fee on crypto transactions, which is significantly lower than traditional payment methods. This advantage allows businesses to increase their profitability.


Our POS offer an intuitive and user-friendly interface that makes crypto payments as seamless as traditional card transactions. Customers can easily make payments by scanning the QR code.


In addition to POS terminals, also offers the user other payment channels, including: e-mail. Ordering and web integration. For more information, contact us on our social media channels or email [email protected]