Frequently Asked Questions

You need to open a from your browser. Once the page is fully loaded you should press on the Get Started button. The registration window will appear. Feel all fields and click on registration.

To complete registration verify the E-mail address by clicking on the link sent by on your E-mail address. When you click on confirm the E-mail button, the will be opened in the new tab. Fill all mandatory fields of the Authentication window.

CityPay gives the possibility to create a wallet in cryptocurrencies and use these wallets to receive and send crypto from it. To send or receive cryptocurrencies login to CityPay and open My Wallet page.

To send crypto to click on send button fill amount and address, make sure that you have enough funds on your wallet.

Click on send, if you have 2Fa activated you will be required to fill a one-time password to send transaction.

To receive funds on your wallet click on the receive button on my wallet page.

Copy the address and use it to receive funds. When funds are received on your wallet a notification will appear on the right bottom corner of the screen.

To choose which cryptocurrencies appear in order or deposit form, go to the configuration page from the navigation menu located on the left side.

To use cryptocurrencies first you need to create a wallet in it. Under "choose desired cryptocurrencies" section click on the currency you want to receive transactions in. Then scroll down and click on save. After changes are saved cryptocurrencies you have chosen will appear in order and deposit form.

To change the fiat currency you chose during authentication click on the drop-down list under "your fiat currency" section, from the list choose the currency you desire and click on save.


To choose how much is an acceptable payment deviation from the order amount as the excess/shortfall deviation percentage choose acceptable deviation percentage in configuration page.

For example:

If tolerable shortfall deviation is 10% and the order amount is 10$, if a user pays 9$, the order will be considered us fully paid.

If a tolerable excess deviation is 10% and the order amount is 10$, if a user pays 11$, the order will be considered paid and won't get overpaid status.


You are given two options to choose how CityPay's fees are paid.

  1. User pay’s fees
  2. Customer pay’s fees

It can be chosen from the configuration page.

In case the user pays fees, the CityPay fee will be added in the order amount and the user will have to pay it. For example, if a fee is 1% and the order amount is 1000$, the fee will be added in amount. When your user opens order he/she will have to pay 1010.10 $. CityPay will take 1% of transaction and you will receive 1000$ on your wallet.

In case the customer pays fees, CityPay will charge a fee from the order amount without adding anything to it. For example, if a fee is 1% and the order amount is 1000$, the you will receive 990$ on your wallet.

To activate 2Factor authentication you need to download the Google authenticator app for your mobile phone.

Once downloaded, scan QR code and write verification code provided by an authenticator app, then click the Submit button.

You will be required to write six-digit code from authenticator every time you log-in, Send from the personal wallet or add token from the developer's page.