About our company

CityPay is a digital currency payment solution for businesses, allowing them to accept payments in cryptocurrencies. As the Blockchain system is more and more appreciated in the developed world, many businesses are affiliated with the option to pay with digital currencies for their websites because of their various superiorities. Therefore, our team aspired to raise awareness and increase the adoption of digital currencies.

Apart from creating a reliable and secure payment platform, we made one step forward and a little bit simplified the transferring process. As you all are well aware, transferring cryptocurrencies generally requires downloading separate wallets. We managed to be more convenient and customer-oriented by eliminating this step. Separately downloading our app is no longer required, as we are directly referred to the Blockchain network.

The future of this technology looks very bright, we encourage merchants from all over the world to embrace this technological innovation and become fast and efficient with us. We offer the simplest way to accept payments is and to provide your users with means and channels of payments by giving them your wallet address or unique QR code.